We are glad to share the results of the Second Antal Dorati Competition for Conductors.

The jury, composed by:
M° Tamás Vásáry (Hungary), President of the jury
M° Péter Csaba (Hungary), Vice President of the jury
M° Alvaro Albiach (Spain)
M° Gyorgy Lendvai (Hungary)
M° Fabio Mastrangelo (Russia)
M° Dian Tchobanov (Bulgaria)

assigned the following prizes:

1st prize: Cheng Hao
2nd prize ex aequo: Lien Boon Hua and Kawakami Ryusuke

Special Mention for the promising artistry to Karimov Azim.

Special prize by The Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation to Kawakami Ryusuke.

We wish these young musicians the best for their future career.



The jury selected the 3 finalists and drawn the programs they are going to conduct:

Kawakami Ryusuke (PROGRAM A)
Debussy – La mer I (De l’aube à midi sur la mer)
Tchaikovsky – Violin concerto II mov.
R. Ueda – Ocean Tears

Cheng Henry (PROGRAM B)
Bartok – Concerto for Orchestra I (Introduction: Andante non troppo)
Sibelius – Violin concerto II mov.
S. Frega – Magic Horse

Lien Boon Hua (PROGRAM C)
F. Liszt – Mephysto Waltz n° 1
Mendelssohn – Violin concerto II mov.
A. Elia – Distimement

The final concert will be at Vigado Concert Hall in Vigado tér 2, at 19.30, the finalists are requested to arrive at 19.00, the participants to the competition will have free admission, they will just have to say their name to the reception.


Bolkhovets Sergei from Russia
Buribayev Elmar from Kazakhstan
Carvalho Luis from Portugal
Cheng Henry from Taiwan
Erdelyi Daniel from Hungary
Garshi Hamed from Germany
Hajjar Marc from France
Karimov Azim from Estonia
Karoly Sandor from Germany
Kawakami Ryusuke from Japan
Kozlowski Vincent Blasej from Poland
Levon Edmon from Bulgaria
Lien Boon Hua from China
Poll Edward from the United States of America
Proust Simon from France
Shankar Harish from Malaysia
Sora Lee Elisabeth from South Korea
Szabolcs Hermann from Romania
Torbeev Anton from Russia
Uribe Jorge Mario from Colombia